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Borann's restaurant proposes a selection of khmer and western dishes. It is open from 12am to 3pm and from 6pm to 9.30pm.
You can be serve in the patio as well, ideal spot to chat or read with a cocktail by the pool.
All the dishes are homemade and the products are fresh and cleaned with permanganate.

Khmer dishes


Fresh or fried spring rolls 4 $
Green papaya salad
Papaya, pork, shrimp and local fresh herbs
4 $
Khmer salad
Shrimps, squids, basil, lemongrass and mint
4 $
Banana blossom salad
Banana flower, carrots, chicken and peanuts
4 $
Fish salad
Fish, fresh mint, lemongrass and peanuts
4 $
Green mango salad
Green mango, chicken, pork and mint
4 $
Misour salad
Chinese noodles, squids, shrimp, lime and mint
4 $

Main courses

All khmer dishes are served with white rice

Steamed fish or chicken with khmer spices and coconut milk
5.50 $
Chicken or fish cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass 5.50 $
Samlor Marjou
Poached fish soup with pineapple and vegetables
5.50 $
Chicken curry
Chicken, red curry, coconut milk and vegetables
5.50 $
Lok Lak
Beef filet marinated with lemon and khmer spices
6 $
Fish or chicken with ginger 5.50 $
Fried lake fish with vegetables 5.50 $
Stir-fried shrimps with vegetables 5.50 $
Pork with pineapple 5.50 $
Fried noodles with pork, chicken or beef 5.50 $
Fried noodles with vegetables 3.50 $

Western dishes


Green salad and tomatoes 4 $
Greek salad
Green salad, tomatoes, feta, onion and lemon sauce
4.50 $
Tomatoes with mozzarella cheese 4.50 $
Garlic bread
Butter, garlic and cheese
4.50 $

Main courses

Grilled skewers
Two choices of meat : chicken, pork, beef or fish
7 $
Grilled beef steak
Comes with french fries, fried vegetables, green salad or rice
7 $
Fillet fish
Fish, cream sauce and fried mushrooms
6 $
Fried rice with beef, chicken or pork 5.50 $
Vegetarian fried rice 4 $
French fries 3.50 $
Salad, bacon, cheese and tomatoes
3.50 $


Home made ice cream
3 flavour of your choice : mango, pineapple, coconut, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and rhum raisin
3.50 $
Fresh fruits salad 2.50 $
Plate of fresh fruits 2.50 $
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